Custom Products

We do custom, private label and exclusive products. We pride ourselves on being able bring your idea to life and it's just about our favorite thing to do.


Customs, Exclusives and Private Labeling -
We now offer custom, exclusive and private label versions of almost our all of our products (hot sauces are our most common custom products but we can do any - minimums may vary). Here are the differences between the options:

  • Private Label: We slap your label on our bottles. 2 case minimum purchase. If you follow our template, we can even design your label with your logo at no extra cost. Or we can provide you with the specs and you design the label. Or you provide the label and we apply it to the bottles.
  • Customs: We make you a custom version of our existing recipes. This option is great for beer makers, maple syrup producers, pepper growers and the like who want a hot sauce made with their own product. This can also be private labeled, like above. Minimum order on hot sauce is 1 micro batch, which is 10-13 cases. Maximum is whatever you would like. 
  • Exclusives: We LOVE to design new hot sauces and never stop experimenting. We can design you your own special hot sauce that we will never duplicate for anyone else. Minimum order on hot sauce is a single microbatch, but there might be additional product development costs, depending on how much leeway you give us and how crazy you want to get.