Raspberry Almond Cookies - case of 12

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Once upon a time equal parts of almonds, organic rolled oats and organic whole spelt flour were walking through a food processor, minding their own business. When all of a sudden half parts of organic pure Vermont maple syrup and sunflower oil came out of nowhere and beat them to a course grain! Fortunately a tiny amount of sea salt and a delicious amount of fruit sweetened raspberry jam showed up to save the day. And out of this senseless act of violence and miraculous act of heroism, our most popular cookie was created.

IngredientsAlmonds, organic rolled oats, organic whole spelt flour, pure Vermont maple syrup, sunflower oil, fruit sweetened raspberry jam, sea salt.

UPC: 856369001277
Weight: 4 oz (4 cookies)
Shelf life: 6 months out of the freezer (they freeze exceptionally well)