Gustard - A Guster Mustard - Case of 12

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This spicy pickle mustard isn't just a collaboration with one of our favorite bands, Guster, it's also quickly becoming one of our favorite condiments. It's fabulous on burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese and pretzels. The artwork on the label is from Guster's most recent album, Hard Times, and will quickly be recognized by Guster fans. A portion of every sale are donated to Zeno Mountain Farm.

Ingredients: Organic white vinegar, organic yellow mustard seed and powder, organic brown mustard seed, Vermont cucumbers, Vermont jalapeños, Vermont garlic scapes, Vermont dill, salt

UPC: 856369001697
Volume: 8 oz (225ml)
Shelf life: This is a product with no expiration date, but if you need to have one, take the first two digits of the batch number (the production year) and add 2005. December 31 of that year is the expiration date for a given jar of mustard.